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Skintalisman Symbol Work

Possibility Management

  • Emotional Healing Process
  • Creation Unfolding Experiments
  • Gremlin Drawing (Shadow Work)
  • Archiarchy Experience Research Team Member
  • Archiarchy Women Research Team Member
  • Womencircle online „Women in the Unknown“ Spaceholder (Possibility Research Team)
  • Book, Logo and Mindmap Illustration
  • Talisman Creation

Womencircles / Frauenkreise

  • Archiarchal Women Research
  • Womencircle local (Ammersee, Germany) and Womencircle Rituals
  • Womencircle online „Women in the Unknown“ (Possibility Research Team)
  • Yoni Artwork (Drawing and Clay Artworks / Lessons / Workshops)

Summer 2023 Workshops: 1. – 04.06.23 Namaste Yoga Festival München, 13. – 17.07. GEN European Ecovillage Conference Nature Community Schönsee, Germany