Possibility Management Art

Artistic Expressions and Maps for your inner work with Possibility Management.

Navigating Transformation through Visual Narratives

Explore an array of supportive artworks born from my transformative journey with Possibility Management, aimed at transcending Standard Intelligent Human Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.). Engage with visual pieces designed to aid your self-discovery and inner exploration. Ever wondered how to sketch your evolving insights in the realms of energy? While capturing these experiences through a photo may be challenging, visualizing and integrating them through art, on the other hand, is moving you. Witness my journey as I illustrate and imprint newfound wisdom into my Matrix, creating a visual net of understanding.

Co-Creating Therapeutic Art: Embrace Copyleft Expressions

These artworks are mostly freely available for your use (copyleft – you will find the note in the grafik right corner down by the signature) – therefore attribute them to https://qinu.art as well as https://possibilitymanagement.org. Share your intentions for usage with a link to your work / website /…. to qinu@live.de. If you want to use my copyright artwork, get in touch with me. Moreover, if you have specific drawing needs, whether it’s your gremlin, an experiment, or an energetic encounter, a symbol for your community, etc. then let’s embark on a Co-Creation journey together.

„Possibility Management is upgraded thoughtware for catalyzing change and expansion in various inner and outer domains. It works by converting problems into fertilizer, doorways, rocket ships, or avoidable mud puddles along your path of evolution.“

Art Print Stay centred grounded and bubbled qinu Skintalisman

First Position

Being centered means being present, read here more about practicing this state of being and why it is so valuable for you:

You will find more about my Skintalisman Sessions and Workshops, that combine symbolwork, art and self exploration here: qinu.art/talisman

Following websites include and deliver precious gold about this two diagrams and explore the topic of becoming an Archetypal Woman. Send me your questions if you do Women‘s Work or if you are planning your next Womencircle: Contact.
* https://archiarchalwomen.mystrikingly.com
* https://whitewidow.mystrikingly.com
* https://firstposition.mystrikingly.com
* https://fearofconnection.mystrikingly.com
* https://swordofclarity.mystrikingly.com

What do you feel when you see this drawing? Read an inspiring article by Devin Gleeson about being in the swamp and about swamp experiments of how to identify, navigate and shift this state of being here:
Article „The swamp and swamp addiction“


„Are you still under pressure even when no one is around? Are you manipulating yourself to do what you already want to do? Are you still being adaptive to voices in your head? Radical Freedom is about leaving all that childhood and adolescence Survival Strategy stuff behind, and starting over at Absolute Zero on your own Path.


There is power in your conscious anger – Co-creation with magical Markus Bork. Contact him, if you are brave enough to wear a shirt with this design. And I want to spoil that there are already more shirtdesigns in the pipeline.


Gremlin transformation is shadow work. This is one Map out of my Gremlin Transformation Training (Chapter 0) with Vera Franco and Devin Gleeson in 2022.


Researching the path of an Archetypal Woman with my german Women‘s team. This Sketch was created in the Worktalk about „How to unfold Archiarchy (next Culture) in me?“ held by Lisa Ommert.
How do you still hold on to the old and comfortable patriarchal System and why? What do you sacrifice to stay in the goldfish bowl?